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"Willie 3" by William Stoehr

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2160 x 3840 pixels

200 DPI

Original Art Work


About the Artist:

William Stoehr

In 1964, I was 17 and I wanted to be an artist. Willem de Kooning was my art hero. For various reasons I didn’t. My life simply changed direction.   Then in 2004, I quit the best job I ever had, as president of the National Geographic Society's mapping group, to become a full-time artist. At 56, I was young enough to begin another career and why not do what I wanted to do as a teenager.

I have always tried to make a difference - to be part of a larger conversation and so today my art focuses on victims, witnesses and survivors.

Exhibited internationally at universities, art centers, museums and galleries, my work has been featured and reviewed in national and international media. I have had more than 25 one-person exhibitions and my art has garnered multiple honors including several Best in Show awards.

My wife Mary Kay and I live in Boulder Colorado. Previously we lived in Winter Park Colorado, St. John US Virgin Islands and a bunch of other places.