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"Shark Walk" by Louis Ammirato

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1596 x 1246 px

72 DPI

Original Artwork

This is a pointillism completed with thousands of dots to form the image. The pulsing stylized waves gives this work movement for the shark. In addition there is an early Japanese influence used in contemporary style.

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About the Artist:

Louis Ammirato

I started creating art at the age of fifteen, winning my first award for the "psychedelic street art" festival. Soon after I was part of the school art magazine that used my art design for the cover for several years. My first solo art exhibit was at the Piedmont Art festival held yearly In Atlanta Georgia, showing my ink and watercolor drawings. In addition I donated ink drawings raising money for various charities in Atlanta. After college my quest to study and do research on the classic Renaissance periods of master paintings took me to England and Italy where there is a great wealth of examples, formulas and manuscripts on the techniques of that period. Silver point drawings ,fresco's, chiaroscuro, and Alla Prima painting are just a few of the techniques I studied. Presently I am using my background to create art in pointillism/ modern/ street art paintings. I found that a classic foundation can move you to contemporary works of art. I have also embraced the digital world of art turning some of my work into new works, with vivid color and composition. I work on my art everyday, ether creating tangible art or just reflecting on future projects from my own or others inspiration.

My art, my life, my passion is how I create my art each day. I work in all mediums to create my art in the techniques from the Renaissance classics to contemporary and Modern. Besides my college and private art studies and research I was inspired at an early age by my Grandfather who was talented artist from Italy. He worked as a fresco /plaster artist and created beautiful works of art still around today. Presently my world is drawn by the wisdom of Pablo Picasso "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn". In this world in a way | "time travel" from renaissance and beyond-connecting history and technique's to my contemporary art.I don't try to impose my point of view on the spectator, I allow one to find what moves them from my art itself. I use any mediums to create my art from; oils , acrylics, pen & ink and mix media.Besides my College studies and numerous art master teachers, I'm on a quest to keep growing and evolving my work. What I wish to accomplish with my art, is that it will be lasting, bringing joy and fascination to others. It is from your support that I am able to continue to create my art, and for that I am very grateful. The artist lives in Orlando Florida.