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"Lunar Landing" by Carol Carpenter

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4927 x 3261 px

360 DPI

Original Art Work

Inspired by my desire to create images that reflect an outer dimension, a view into the unknown. An 8 x 8 in. original painting of artist's choosing to be included as gift. Physical piece not included.

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About the Artist:

Carol Carpenter

Creating works of art is a compelling life force. It encompasses passion, spontaneity, intellect and self discovery. My art is meant to appeal to the senses and heighten the human experience.

Born in United States in 1948, Carol Carpenter is an award winning artist who has exhibited her abstract paintings in galleries and museums worldwide. She is an intuitive painter who uses experimental processes and a saturated palette to create vivid works of organic art. Inspired by the beauty in nature, she uses color to transcend the balance between reality and imagination.