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"Light" by Louise Gasca

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3000 x 3702 px

300 DPI

Original Art Work

This NFT is created from a physical art piece, 30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas, 2021.

Website: Collections on OpenSea

About the Artist:

*Louise Gasca

Louise Gasca was born in Aldershot, England. After picking up a brush around the age of two she has not stopped creating. Louise studied Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire and went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. She taught Art, Graphics and Photography for many years before having her three children. Louise then focused her attention on nurturing three fabulous individuals all with their own creative sparks.

In 2017, Louise and her children moved to California. Since then Louise has been able to focus her creative energy on both her small people and her work. Producing many pieces that channel her imagination and love of color. Through her work you catch a glimpse into how Louise sees the world. With all the beauty, vibrancy and constant motion it holds. She is compelled to challenge and push herself, taking ideas to the furthest point. As such her work is always developing and changing, each piece leads her into the next.

Over the years Louise has had many pieces purchased by private buyers and currently shows at the San Clemente Village Art Faire. She now lives and works in Orange County with her children and husband.