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"Greed is Good" by T.White

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4164 x 3157 px

200 DPI

Original Art Work

Greed is a clean drive that captures the essence of evolutionary spirit, an arguable statement made by Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street, but was first said by Milton Friedman years ago.

About the Artist:


I am an Artist/Writer who has painted for my room a board from coast to coast and along the way a few hundred celebrities. Corporations have my work on their walls. And also charities, and orphanages found my work helpful to their causes. Whether it is the Children’s hospitals or building an orphanage with the paintings, how rewarding it was. This has been a journey to find truth and wisdom through the use of paint a pen. This is a very difficult chore to inform all the adventures, and too long for the reader to absorb, so I will just mention a few of my recent endeavors. In 2021 I published a novel called… The Beloved/ The White Temple Trilogy, and this has added to the eight other books published including… The Paintings of T.White. Along with books I also have over fifty limited edition prints and poster, and last year finished a poster for the town of Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka.

There have been hundreds of adventures… one man shows, a few T.V. Appearance including the show on Pebble Beach. Or even the Three Serigraphs printed a produced in Mission Viejo, CA. An finally credits… Art Degree, illustrator, Art Director, Gallery owner, writer, and a few dozen one man shows along the way… T.White