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"Golden Lands 1" by Claire Sower

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8192 x 6048 px

300 DPI

Original Artwork

This piece is an abstracted image of a child playing in a field light. As the title implies, it’s child play, but the title also refers to the expression that is used when something is considered easy. In fact, digital painting is not easy. As a traditional 2D painter, I found transferring to digital was not child’s play. However, it was very enjoyable. The image that loosely represents a child with its arms outstretched intimates happiness, joy and freedom. The child is surrounded by a field of vivid colors that could be a field with flowers, but ultimately, that is up to the viewer.

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About the Artist:

Claire Sower

Claire Sower is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver, Canada, where she was born and raised. At the age of twenty one she emigrated to London, England, where she lived for a decade doing a variety of things including fashion illustration. In 1992, she returned to Vancouver where she began a successful career as a medical writer. In 2009, unforeseen circumstances facilitated radical changes in Claire’s life. Consequently, she decided to follow in her artist father’s footsteps and took up painting. In 2012, she joined the Federation of Canadian Artists. In 2013, she was offered a solo exhibit at West Vancouver City Hall, which launched her professional career.

In 2014 her work appeared on the cover of Bulletin, a national Japanese Canadian arts and culture magazine and 2015 saw her exhibit in New York. In March 2020, she was featured as an Artist to Collect by Arabella Magazine. Claire’s work hangs in private collections in Canada, the USA and the UK and in the Vancouver General Hospital and University of British Columbia, Foundation public art collection. She is a juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the American Women Artists Organization.

Drawing on her time in London and many years of travel, and inspired by the painters Claude Monet, Bernard Cathelin, Pierre Bonnard, and David Hockney among others, Claire’s work is bold, colorful and unapologetically joyful, sitting somewhere between impressionism, expressionism and abstraction. Largely self taught, she works primarily in oil paint and is known for her impasto florals and vivid landscapes. Recently, as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and the evolution of NFTs, Claire has begun exploring the use of digital media for the creation of her artwork.