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"Fall Black" by R3 (Russ R. Robinson)

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NFT Details: 

2663 x 3434 pixels

72 DPI

Original Art Work

About the Artist:

R3, or Russ R. Robinson

R3, or Russ R. Robinson, has a specialty in contemporary ink-works on paper, canvas, and wood. R3 only uses ink because of a rekindled passion for art through adult coloring books and coloring with his two boys. R3 enjoys the surprising color activations that ink can create at the 3rd and 4th layers. Bleeding becomes your friend at this stage, and ink can take on paint-like qualities. But, most of all R3 loves that it remains translucent on original canvases. These days, R3 is building his contemporary-pointillism series called "Count-the-Dots," and continuing to build his “Rise-or-Set?," and “Rainbow” collections.


This is the first in a new contemporary pointillism series dedicated to the 4 seasons. Guess when R3 started "Seasons"?

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