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"Verde Azul" by Will Beger

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11285 x 5316 pixels

Resolution: 300 dpi

Original Art Work


Will Beger

Will Beger and his contemporary-minimalist paintings, take on an entirely unique approach to southwest art. Influenced by his youth and inspired by nature, he effortlessly captures a vibrant, bohemian aesthetic that is unapologetically true to his inner child. Through stark contrasts between bold, monochromatic backgrounds and subject matter, Beger paints for himself, while also seamlessly connecting with anybody and everybody.

Will Beger was born and raised in Arizona. He is a fourth-generation Arizonan. Inspired by the Southwest, he started painting recreationally when he was 15 years old. He graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in Agricultural Business and Natural Resource Economics with an emphasis in Geology.


Verde Azul - Is a painting created in 2021 by Will Beger. It is 84in x 40in acrylic on canvas. Verde Azul is a collection of 11 cacti vertically integrated together. They are reminiscent of Mexican Fence Post cacti.

Original Painting also Available on request

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