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"Iceberg Abstract 4382" by Debbie O Lucas

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20,000 x 20,000 pixels

Resolution: 300 dpi

Original Art


Debbie O Lucas

I love the outdoors and shooting images of things that are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time - reflections in water, shadows in the sand, petals on a flower, rust on a truck or graffiti on a wall. I get lost in the swirls of color; the images energize me and soothe my soul.


This image is from the Diamond Beach Iceberg series. It was taken on Breiðamerkursandur Beach, commonly known as Diamond Beach on the south coast of Iceland. This black sand beach is near the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Icebergs break off of Breiðamerkurjökull the glacial tongue of Vatnajökull (the largest icecap in Europe), float and start to melt in the lagoon, then travel through a short waterway into the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the icebergs wash up on the beach and the glitter like diamonds, hence the nickname Diamond Beach. The icebergs vary size and color; most are white and some are blue with black streaks of ash indicating past volcanic eruptions. The scene of icebergs on the beach is dazzling and I started taking close-up images of the icebergs that revealed intricate and beautiful patterns of ice, sand, and air pockets. Each image is one of a kind and that’s what I love about capturing images of nature that are fleeting.

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Physical artwork - 6”x4” acrylic block (1” thick)

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