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"Blossoming of UnicodeU+1F7BA - #1" by Andrew Reach

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NFT Details:

2160 x 3840 pixels

300 DPI

Original Art Work

About the Artist:

Andrew Reach

Born 1961, Miami Beach. Reach received a degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York and had a successful 20 year career as an architect. His last building as project architect with HOK Architects was the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University in Miami. In 2003, a spine disease resulted in a spinal fusion of most of his spine. In the fall of 2004, at the commencement of construction of the Frost Museum, due to complications he would undergo a lifesaving surgery marking an end and a new beginning; reinvention from architect to visual artist working in the realm of digital media. His work has been exhibited, nationally in solo and group exhibitions including a solo exhibition at the Frost Art Museum. His work is in private, corporate and institutional collections, among them the Frost Art Museum Permanent Collection and the Cleveland Clinic Art Collection. He now lives with his husband in Cleveland Ohio.


This work is an exploration of geometric abstraction utilizing symbols, in this piece a specific asterisk from the Unicode Standard. Weaving color and bold black and whites into the asterisk form optically energizes the multi-layered asterisk composition. The code in the title, U+1F7BA, is the Unicode Standard designation of the asterisk symbol given the name "Extremely Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk" and is the symbol used in this piece. The Unicode Standard designates all symbols, giving them coding data that can be uniformly used in technology internationally. U+1F7BA is distinguished from other asterisks in the Unicode Standard by the thickness of its spokes versus more delicate asterisks in the code. using this symbol in an NFT from something of use in computer code, language, telecommunications and mathematics into the realm of geometric object is an expression of technology transformed to an aesthetic that speaks to the technological zeitgeist of our times.

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