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"Between Laughter and Tears" by Carol MacConnell

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NFT Details:

1800 x 1800 pixels

300 DPI

Original Art Work

About the Artist:

Carol MacConnell

As an artist, a question I tend to get often is “How do you let your art go after you’ve sold it?” There is a common misconception that each piece an artist makes is like a child or a gemstone, something so personal and rare that giving it away must be painful. But the truth is, each piece better resembles a stepping stone. As an artist of more than 20 years, creating moves me forward, veering me into paths I could’ve never anticipated, all in search of the next thing that will make my heart beat faster than the rest. When people ask how I let my art go, I simply tell them, “I haven’t yet painted the one I can’t let go, and that is what keeps me going.”

Originally finding solace in the stillness of landscapes, my art has evolved as I have throughout the years. Determined to constantly be learning and relearning, I have delved into the genres and subjects that called to me, and challenged me most. From the delicate realism of ballerinas, to the color and playfulness of florals, my work emulates the same movement that allows me to put each new stepping stone down, continuing my evolution. Now I find myself slinging paint faster than ever, using abstract expressionism as a vibrant new medium with which to tell my story.

It is through abstract expressionism that I have been able to articulate some of life’s biggest challenges, from losing my mother to Alzheimers, to losing my own hearing about ten years ago. My work has given me a new language, not only to hear my own voice more plainly, but to allow others to hear it too. I hope each piece fills you with awe, and reminds you of the stones on your own path. Moving with color, brimming with life.


Between Leonardo and Michelangelo NFT is accompanied with a physical piece of art. This piece is part of a collection of 9 works of art. Each is 6x6 in., India ind and alcohol on Yupo. Resin covered to complete the contemporary look.

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