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"Above the Fray" by Ellen French

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4200 x 4002 pixels

300 DPI

Original Art Work



"Above the Fray" is part of an abstract series French started based on her old painting color palettes. Studio visitors would tell French that the palettes themselves looked like paintings. She took photos and altered the composition digitally, which gave the work a more modern look. What intrigued her was the buildup of paint giving a dimensional look and also an intuitive organic, mysterious relationship with nature.


Ellen French

Ellen French is a 3rd generation Californian currently living and working in Los Angeles. During the first year of college, her formal art education was disrupted by the death of her parents leaving her with other obligations. However, she continued to pursue her artistic interests on her own. Ellen considered her main interest to be painting but expanded her education by taking printmaking classes at U.C.L.A. and exploring different mediums and subjects on her own.

As a painter, mono-prints and collage became an extension of her work and combined both mediums interchangeably. Ellen always fluctuated between abstraction and more figurative formats to “mix it up a bit” and has done several series using these disciplines. At first, Ellen used collage as a base for her abstract works and started her island series sparking her fascination with the varied symbolism of islands and deserts. Also during this time she started paintings of the flora indigenous of Southern California, developing into her current landscapes series.

​In 1994, the Northridge Earthquake destroyed her residence in Santa Monica giving her the opportunity to relocate to Marin County and experience living in another part of California but returned to the Los Angeles area in 2019.

Ellen's artwork is included in numerous corporate and private collections, including the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, and the Makuhari-Messe Convention Center in Toyko, Japan. Through her affiliation with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art former rental gallery she has sold over 70 pieces of art.


NFT comes with original print with frame: dimensions 24' X 22.86" printed on pearl paper with luster lam finish, mounted to white dibond, inset aluminum french and french cleat.

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