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"Swimming in Music" by Lark Pilinsky

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4525 x 3000 px

72 DPI

Original Artwork

When creating the artwork Swimming In Music I was deeply immersed in Vivaldi's violin concertos, and all pieces around me came together inside my collage as a puzzle on the board. On the image the water reflects the sky, the piece of the violin becomes the roof, and the piece of marble becomes a wall. I also used metal and semi-precious stones in the assemblage. The whole sense of trees, water, stones and air gives the viewer a magical healing feeling of being one with the universe.

Physical artwork also included. (Mixed Media, unframed, 30" x 36")

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About the Artist:

Lark Pilinsky

Born in the remote mountains of central Asia where her father was a geologist, Lark grew up in Ukraine and studied art and industrial design in Russia. She first became known for her assemblage work that she presented in the art shows with Bunker Art Group —“fellow rebels in abstraction” against the Soviet repression of art. Since emigrating to the United States in 1993, Lark’s assemblages and, more recently, her paintings, have been featured in more than 70 prestigious solo and group shows in the U.S., Russia, France, Japan and Armenia.

From the beginning of her art career, Lark’s masterful play with materials, textures and surfaces, and her unique ability to arrange them in orchestrated, visual stories caught the attention of art lovers and gained recognition from art jurors including LA Weekly critic Peter Frank, Sweeney Art Gallery director Tyler Stallings, Santa Monica Museum of Art director Lisa Melandri and  MOCA curator Alma Ruiz.

Lark’s art has been chosen and presented at prestigious juried exhibitions including Juried Exhibition at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Cultural Identity at the UCLA Kerckhoff Gallery, “WCA’s Women Artists on Immigration” at the Korean Culture Center, “Man's Inhumanity To Man” at Brand Library Art Galleries in Glendale and Juried All-media Palos Verdes Art Center. 
 Articles about Lark's art and her achievements were published in more than 20 catalogs, local and international newspapers and Magazines describing her work and career.